Friday, March 25, 2011

Dear Mom, Is YOUR student's laundry clean?

One of the GREATEST things about being a student at Auburn University is the Tiger Laundry campus pick up and delivery service.  Of course there are so many great things about being an Auburn Tiger!

Mom, let me talk to you about this service!  Your child is away from you at school, and yes I know that you taught him/her well and I know he/she knows how to wash, fold their own laundry.  But I guess the better questions is, Does your child actually do it?  As owners of a local consignment boutique in downtown Auburn, Al and talking with the students that come into our store, majority of them wait until they have absolutely nothing else clean to wear!  Surprising I know, mom!  It is definitely not a reflection on how you taught them.

Using the Tiger Laundry pick up & delivery service is easy.  My husband, Ben Nichols is the man that meets your student at a drop off/pick up point with their laundry.  Then it is safely washed and folded and delivered back to your student at the same drop off / pick up point. This service is paid for by the semester or annually for a discounted rate. 

Let's talk about discounts! If you're a member of a sorority or fraternity and your Greek brothers or sisters want to get on board we will offer a discounted rates for group pick up and drop off at fraternity houses or sorority chapter rooms.  Please contact us for this information and the discount.

So mom in order to give you a peace of mind and no longer having to worry about your child's laundry while he/she is studying very hard and making you proud give us a call today and sign up.

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