Saturday, July 9, 2011

How We Can Save You Time Doing Your Laundry?

There are MANY reasons why a student should use Tiger Laundry pickup and delivery laundry services.  But today I am only going to share with you one reason.  It is simple.  It is called TIME.  I am a wife, a mom, and we own several business', so time is very valuable to me, as it is to you. I think back to the days when life did not seem as complicated, oh wait a minute that was childhood!  Seriously, TIME is valuable, and it is valuable to a college student.  The average student spends most of his/her day in class, walking or riding a bike to and from class, studying for hours on end, socializing with friends, etc.  Here at Tiger Laundry we realize that time is valuable and that is the biggest savings to you. Time to not have to haul your dirty clothes to the laundry mat, wash them, dry them, sit and wait on the process to make sure those valuable clothes that cost big time retail bucks don't magically walk away from the machines.  Then there is time to fold, time to haul them back to the dorm or apartment. Then there is even more time to put them in their proper place, and then the cycle starts all over again!  Time

When using our campus services, a delivery guy, waits at a designated location not far from your students dorm, giving your student a regular schedule to meet him, give him a bag of your dirty clothing. (our driver allows an hour of waiting at drop off points, in the evening so it is convenient for your student).  Two days later your student meets the delivery driver again, and we return your clothing, washed, folded or hung and ready to wear!  Please note we do not go inside of dorms for security purposes.  You are thinking that is fabulous, but my student can't even remember to meet the delivery driver, here is an inside information, we will text your student each time to remind him/her today is the day to meet your delivery guy!  Saves time!

Customers ask us how much does your services really cost?  What is the price difference?  Well folks once you break down ALL of the cost of doing your own laundry verses our services, generally speaking you are paying us approximately $5 more a week than what you would normally pay to do your own laundry.  So that in itself is a major TIME saved bargain!  Get your Tiger Laundry service plan today and quickly see how we save you time and overall money, because your time is valuable!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Why You Should Use Tiger Laundry Service!

If you’re like me, you dread doing laundry. All the multiple cycles of washing, drying, folding, and putting away your clothes, can take up a lot of time, and for me I would much rather be doing something else. But, that is where Tiger Laundry can help you out!

          Tiger Laundry is a pickup and delivery laundry service located in Auburn, Alabama. It provides service to on campus areas such as the dorms, as well as off campus areas, like apartments, condos, and fraternity houses. It’s perfect for college students who are always on the go, like myself. Tiger Laundry’s service is offered by the semester and every week college students can have their laundry picked up with a guarantee that it is delivered back to them to clean clothes, sheets, and towels. But Tiger Laundry just doesn’t offer to just college students; they also are starting to expand their business to local neighborhoods such as Grove Hill, Ashton Park, and Moore’s Mill.


        So, how does Tiger Laundry work you ask? Well it’s really easy. You bag up your clothes, Tiger Laundry comes to pick it up, they do all the washing and drying, and you get your laundry back clean, folded or hung, and ready to go! Tiger laundry is perfect for college students who don’t want to take the time out of their day to do laundry. We’re always busy with school, jobs and we just want to go out and have fun; not sit around and wait for our laundry to be done. Same with busy parents. With taking their kids to school, or going to work themselves, they might not have time for laundry either. Tiger Laundry is perfect for anybody. So if you want clean laundry without doing any of the work, then Tiger Laundry is perfect for you, too.

Written by a college student, working as a summer intern for Sydney's Consignment Boutique.  Wishing they had this same service at my college in GA!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Win a FREE Semester of Pickup Delivery Laundry Service

We are having a blast each week meeting new Auburn University students coming to the campus for Camp War Eagle!  This is one of Auburn's highest years of enrollment and some bright young faces are roaming the campus as freshmen seeing what is in store for them in the fall semester.  Let me ask, who is going to do your child's laundry?  Save time, Save money, Save Energy, Save Study Time!  Correct answer to the question, Tiger Laundry!  Yes mom have no worries your child's laundry can be picked up, washed folded, and delivered back to them.  Right now we are offering a savings of $25 per semester, come by our booth at Camp War Eagle and also register to win a FREE semester of pickup delivery laundry service.

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Friday, March 25, 2011

Dear Mom, Is YOUR student's laundry clean?

One of the GREATEST things about being a student at Auburn University is the Tiger Laundry campus pick up and delivery service.  Of course there are so many great things about being an Auburn Tiger!

Mom, let me talk to you about this service!  Your child is away from you at school, and yes I know that you taught him/her well and I know he/she knows how to wash, fold their own laundry.  But I guess the better questions is, Does your child actually do it?  As owners of a local consignment boutique in downtown Auburn, Al and talking with the students that come into our store, majority of them wait until they have absolutely nothing else clean to wear!  Surprising I know, mom!  It is definitely not a reflection on how you taught them.

Using the Tiger Laundry pick up & delivery service is easy.  My husband, Ben Nichols is the man that meets your student at a drop off/pick up point with their laundry.  Then it is safely washed and folded and delivered back to your student at the same drop off / pick up point. This service is paid for by the semester or annually for a discounted rate. 

Let's talk about discounts! If you're a member of a sorority or fraternity and your Greek brothers or sisters want to get on board we will offer a discounted rates for group pick up and drop off at fraternity houses or sorority chapter rooms.  Please contact us for this information and the discount.

So mom in order to give you a peace of mind and no longer having to worry about your child's laundry while he/she is studying very hard and making you proud give us a call today and sign up.