Saturday, July 9, 2011

How We Can Save You Time Doing Your Laundry?

There are MANY reasons why a student should use Tiger Laundry pickup and delivery laundry services.  But today I am only going to share with you one reason.  It is simple.  It is called TIME.  I am a wife, a mom, and we own several business', so time is very valuable to me, as it is to you. I think back to the days when life did not seem as complicated, oh wait a minute that was childhood!  Seriously, TIME is valuable, and it is valuable to a college student.  The average student spends most of his/her day in class, walking or riding a bike to and from class, studying for hours on end, socializing with friends, etc.  Here at Tiger Laundry we realize that time is valuable and that is the biggest savings to you. Time to not have to haul your dirty clothes to the laundry mat, wash them, dry them, sit and wait on the process to make sure those valuable clothes that cost big time retail bucks don't magically walk away from the machines.  Then there is time to fold, time to haul them back to the dorm or apartment. Then there is even more time to put them in their proper place, and then the cycle starts all over again!  Time

When using our campus services, a delivery guy, waits at a designated location not far from your students dorm, giving your student a regular schedule to meet him, give him a bag of your dirty clothing. (our driver allows an hour of waiting at drop off points, in the evening so it is convenient for your student).  Two days later your student meets the delivery driver again, and we return your clothing, washed, folded or hung and ready to wear!  Please note we do not go inside of dorms for security purposes.  You are thinking that is fabulous, but my student can't even remember to meet the delivery driver, here is an inside information, we will text your student each time to remind him/her today is the day to meet your delivery guy!  Saves time!

Customers ask us how much does your services really cost?  What is the price difference?  Well folks once you break down ALL of the cost of doing your own laundry verses our services, generally speaking you are paying us approximately $5 more a week than what you would normally pay to do your own laundry.  So that in itself is a major TIME saved bargain!  Get your Tiger Laundry service plan today and quickly see how we save you time and overall money, because your time is valuable!

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